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    Ok, Ricardo, muchas gracias ahora se la mando al colega 9z4 Mario ... From: Ricardo Mercado To: Sent: Monday, October 09, 2006 10:44
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      Ok, Ricardo, muchas gracias ahora se la mando al colega 9z4
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      Sent: Monday, October 09, 2006 10:44 PM
      Subject: Re: [LU-APRS] Fw: TM-D700A KENWOOD

      Mario: Creo que lo que buscas esta en este link:

      De todos modos te adjunto un archivo .txt con una
      ayuda rápida para la configuración del equipo.-

      Ricardo.- LU8FRM (Rosario)

      --- lu2ham <lu2ham@...> wrote:

      > Hola Gente, alguien se acuerda donde están los SSID
      > sugeridos, que no los puedo encontrar, para
      > mandárselos a este amigo 9Z4
      > que me usa como referente, y yo no me acuerdo
      > jajajaj
      > supe ver una lista en alguna Web, pero no la
      > encuentrooooo
      > gracias
      > Mario
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: julien mervyn dedier
      > To: lu2ham@...
      > Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2006 10:04 AM
      > Subject: Re: TM-D700A KENWOOD
      > On 10/8/06, julien mervyn dedier
      > <julien9z4fz@...> wrote:
      >   Morning Mario  i am running kenwood radio tm d700a
      > and the th-d7 i see you
      >   on aprs i am seeking info on the ssid if you are
      > running moble
      >   ,digipeater,and base what ssid would use for the
      > various station i was using
      >   9z4fz-9 but i see car use -9 i now change to 9z4fz
      > so i am looking for
      >   info on how to operate on aprs with kenwood aprs
      > mobile and hand  held radio
      >   I  see you message on my radio ,please all info on
      > how to set up the radio also the the setting for the
      > radio what setting you have
      >   --
      >   THANKS
      >   JULIEN
      >   9Z4FZ//TRINIDSA & TOBAGO.
      >   M0JDD/J3//GRENADA.
      > --
      > THANKS
      > JULIEN
      > M0JDD/J3//GRENADA.
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      APRS QUICK START for the Kenwood TM-D700A

      Follow these steps carefully

      (This begins from a fully reset radio)

      1) A VFO (Left)
      B VFO (right)

      2)Select A by pushing the left volume button, (You will notice "PTT" over the A VFO) Then push VFO.

      3) Select 144.390 (Note to access MHZ push big button)

      4) Turn the left volume down all the way. (This will mute the Packet noise and provide full audio to the voice (B) band)

      5)HIT Menu button (To select menu use up and down on your MIC and the "D" button to "OK")

      6)Select The following menus

      1-6-1 Select packet band A. then OK

      1-6-3 Enter correct Time (This is important for others to see you.)

      1-6-4 Enter correct Date (Also important to be seen by others)

      1-6-5 Select as desired.

      3-1 Enter your callsign with proper SSID (The - can be found by hitting #.)To delete NOCALL hit CLR on head. ( NOTE: you can direct enter using your MIC for letters and ascii Characters, acii is #)

      3-2 If applies to you, (Note for most use NMEA)

      3-3 If 2-2 is set to NMEA

      3-4 Enter your position if 2-2 and 2-3 is NOT USED.

      3-6 Should be either In Service or Enroute NEVER EMERGENCY!!! (Unless it is!)

      3-8 Select Icon

      3-9 Usually : Jon Doe's TM-D700A or jdoe@...

      3-A Select 1/n (This means for every time you beacon your position you will beacon your status text. usually 1/2 or 1/3)

      3-B Set for no more than relay, wide or relay,wide3-3 (remember - is in the # Key on your MIC)

      3-C Set for Auto

      3-D Discretion is the better part of Battery saving. I Suggest 15-30 min unless mobile.

      3-F Select as you wish.

      3-J Select 1200

      HIT ESC on head to return to the radio.

      Push and Hold "F" for one second and then push TNC (lower left) TNC APRS should appear on screen BCON should also appear, If not Push F until you see BCON on bottom row of buttons.

      GPS USERS!!! If your GPS is locked in and receiving sats, the "GPS" on your screen will blink. If it is not wired correctly or has lost signal it will be steady.

      You are now ON the air with APRS!

      Further Notes for Easier Operation:

      For easier access of APRS related buttons on your control head, select Menu 1-1-5 and select MODE3. (This will put all APRS related buttons on the Control Head screen at the bottom.

      Most buttons are self explanatory, For instance to access your station list, hit LIST, To send a message select the station using the MIC up and down, and then hit MSG.

      To view a stations Icon or details, hit LIST then up and down to the station you want, then "D" on the MIC or OK on screen.

      One other advanced use is the VHF/VHF Issue

      To Switch the 440 band (VFO B) to 144.000 simply do the following:

      1) Hit the RIGHT VOLUME button until the "PTT" on the screen is on 440
      2) Hit the "F" (Function key top right.) then right volume. Repeat this process until you get 144.000. (Note you MUST be in VFO mode,)

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