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  • Alejandro Méndez
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      Subject: [Community-news] From Uruguay

      > Hi, as part of my work at the Centro Universitario de Paysandú, I am
      > coordinating a project where college students conduct a broad range of
      > activities with childs and teenagers
      > in an extremely poor neighbourhood called La Chapita, in the city of
      > Paysandú, Uruguay.
      > Ceibal´s impact in the community was huge! I send this photograph what I
      > took last saturday as an example of that.
      > Saludos.
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      > Subject: [Community-news] OLPC News (2008-08-18)
      > Community News
      > A weekly update of One Laptop per Child, August 17, 2008
      > It was a proud moment for OLPC as tiny Uruguay rolled out its 100,000th
      > computer - almost all of which are Internet enabled. The scene was the
      > Villa García Elementary School near Montevideo. With more than a
      > thousand pupils, it is one of the country’s largest primary schools.
      > Chuck Kane, Claudia Urrea and Antonio Battro all looked on as President
      > Tabaré Vázquez presented the 100,000thXO to a six-year-old student.
      > Miguel Blechner of CEIBAL spoke briefly, too. The news media were
      > everywhere. Many of the children captured the moment by turning their
      > XOs around to take their own still pictures or video.
      > In the afternoon, Claudia and Antonio accompanied Mónica Baez and
      > Graciela Rabajoli of CEIBAL on a visit to a school near Colonia. Over
      > the next few days, CEIBAL presented several anti-smoking school
      > initiatives, showing the work done by students and teachers with their
      > laptops in their communities. The children discussed their work in a
      > workshop. David Cavallo arrived from a long trip to Asia and Africa to
      > participate in these meetings.
      > OLPC looks forward to the next wave of rollouts in Uruguay, which
      > continues as a great example of a successful deployment. Sincere
      > congratulations to the people of Uruguay from everyone at OLPC.
      > CEIBAL maintains an excellent Spanish-language website
      > at: Also Carla
      > Gómez Monroy has documented the Uruguay deployment
      > at:
      > Learning
      > Haiti: The team was busy with teacher reports, the operations manual and
      > Kreyol translation. They also worked on their practical guide for
      > trainers and on some hand-outs for trainees, as well as designs for a
      > few pedagogical activities and projects with and around the XO, trying
      > to integrate existing curriculum when it makes sense.
      > All translations are complete, except eToys (65 percent) and Scratch (15
      > percent), which require special care. Next step is a linguistic review.
      > Mongolia: Teachers continue to create curriculum material online. Work
      > continues to solidify local partnerships with both NGOs and governmental
      > agencies.
      > The XO was featured in Mongolian Computer Timesmagazine this month. The
      > article was generally positive although the writer questioned how
      > Mongolia could afford to support the initiative. Elana Langer was
      > interviewed on Eagle TV, a popular TV station. The questions reflected a
      > concern from the Mongolian people about the criteria and process by
      > which the government will choose to distribute the laptops.
      > Lastly, a Mongolian athlete has just won the country’s very first
      > Olympic gold medal, in judo. There were street celebrations in UB. Many
      > hope this sudden boost to national pride might galvanize the government
      > into a functional organization.
      > Rwanda: The team is refining their strategic plan, looking past the
      > initial rollout of 5000 laptops to create both a vision and a plan for a
      > national laptops project.
      > Monday and Tuesday they participated in a series of meetings with
      > Richard Niyonkuru, the project coordinator, and representatives of
      > several other governmental agencies. During the rest of the week, a team
      > formed by representatives of the main governmental agencies visited the
      > three schools selected to receive the first 5000 machines in the
      > provinces of Rwamagana, Gasabo and Kycukyro.
      > The visit was received enthusiastically by the students and teachers.
      > The team did a basic site survey to isolate the main initial challenges.
      > One will be the size of the schools and classrooms. The average Rwandan
      > school is large, with 1500 students, and so are classrooms, which range
      > to 70 students or more.
      > The Kagugu school in Gasabo province has 3105 students, and some classes
      > with more than 100 children. Usually the classrooms have only one power
      > outlet, which will make laptop charging a challenge. The sheer size of
      > the schools and classes will also make for networking issues. Kagugu
      > staff also raised interesting questions over how to define and implement
      > the project policies, and ownership of the Xos.
      > Birmingham: This week the team worked with the instructional technology
      > staff member who will be in charge of this project everyday to try to
      > prepare documents requested by the executive director of IT. This
      > included a learning manual that is briefer than the online version, and
      > will help with the Just In Time Learning sessions to begin before
      > teachers get the laptops. The team also worked with headquarters staff
      > from the music, PE and Special Ed departments to introduce the laptops.
      > The music department LOVED Tam Tam.
      > An XO eXpO is scheduled for August 23. There will be attendees from many
      > stakeholders in the community, so it should be an exciting event.
      > Technology
      > Software Development for 8.2 Release:
      > 1. Many people have joined the daily effort to triage “must fix” bugs
      > for 8.2. Formal testing has begun as well. If you are interested in
      > helping, please go to
      > 2. Chris Ball improved the failsafe "disk full" recovery script by
      > adding an option to continue booting without attempting recovery. The
      > script is now present in Joyride builds.
      > 3. Simon Schampijer is polishing the latest Sugar release. He reviewed
      > patches and fixed a bug to correctly set the time zone from the control
      > panel, show an alert if software updates are available, as well as an
      > alert when available space is below 50MB. The fix also encourages the
      > user to remove journal entries to free up space.
      > 4. Morgan Collett adopted the Read activity and started on its blocker
      > and high priority bugs, reviewing existing patches. Morgan continued
      > surveying activity authors on improving communication for them, asking
      > which mailing lists they are subscribed to, when lastthey tested their
      > activities and asking for suggestions. He will posta report as soon as
      > he has a significant number of responses.
      > 5. Daniel Drake continued fixing bugs in audio performance, Gstreamer
      > and the Record activity, automated school server backup. He also
      > addressed a networking issue with the activity updater.
      > 6. Faisal Anwar further documented the best software development
      > practices for Sugar, focusing this week on the presence service. Testing
      > and documentation of the presence service requires multiple XO laptops.
      > Information on how you can develop your own activities with this API are
      > available at
      > 7. Deepak Saxena continued to focus on the 8.2 release, trying to
      > reproduce and root out bugs. Deepak also is looking into new build
      > infrastructure for the kernel. Chris Ball and Deepak had a talk on OLPC
      > Power Management accepted into the Linux Plumbers Conference.
      > Software Development, Future Release:
      > 8. Daniel and Bobby Powers started investigating the procedure needed to
      > install regular Linux distributions on SD cards and the modifications
      > necessary to boot them on the XO. Bobby has been working on all fronts
      > of his activity Model. He didwork on reliability, error reporting,
      > performance and UI.
      > 9. Guillaume Desmottes rebased the XS ejabberd package on top of the F-9
      > one in order to use ejabberd 2.0.1. That involved manual re-application
      > of most of the shared roster patch as some pieces of it were merged
      > upstream. Guillaume also improved his Gadget branches and fixed review
      > comments from Daf.
      > 10. Elliot Fairweather worked on the Cerebro activities API, filing bugs
      > and writing patches to fix those problems blocking his progress. He also
      > made further progress with telepathy-synapse's activity interfaces.
      > Elliot believes he will complete this part of the task next week.
      > 11. Sayamindu Dasgupta spent most of the week rearranging and
      > reconfiguring Pootle according the conventions of the Sugar release
      > process. This will make it easier for translators to follow the Sugar
      > release schedule, and prioritize their work. He also landed a patch in
      > olpc-utils which should fix all the keyboard layout related regressions
      > from the 8.1 release. Sayamindu also started work in defining a keyboard
      > for Dzongkha (ticket #7899). This week also saw the start of two new
      > language projects in Pootle, one for Nauruan and the other for Bislama.
      > 12. Seth Woodworth worked on various open wiki-issues. Google Analytics
      > is now installed on the wiki, providing large amounts of very useful
      > data (expect a report early next week). The wiki also now has support
      > for TeX math. Semantic aggregation of activities for various pages is
      > progressing.
      > School Server:
      > 13. Martin Langhoff held the 2nd school server meeting over IRC - with
      > the Nepal pilot team as the main participants. They covered a lot around
      > upcoming XS-0.4 and XS-0.5 releases, F9 rebase and how the Nepal team
      > can work ahead and feed back into the main XS efforts. Thanks to all
      > involved. Agenda, minutes, and IRC logs
      > at
      > 14. Douglas Bagnall worked on password schemes for the XS, and testing
      > DS-backup. Douglas and Martin are doing a lot of work to fix how we deal
      > with configurations on the school server. The current configuration
      > scheme breaks upgrades and blocks the path to a Fedora 9 rebase.
      > Support and Testing:
      > 15. Welcome Reuben Caron as our Country Support Engineer. This week,
      > Reuben set up an RT Queue to allow country technical contacts and
      > learning team members to report escalated technical issues that arise
      > from the field. He will be helping out with some testing while learning
      > the XO and XS as well as attending tech and learning team meetings to
      > see where he can help out.
      > 16. Joe Feinstein and Charlie Murphy have tested two Joyride builds –
      > 2294 and 2301 - in the last week, and requested turning off automatic
      > suspend and resume as it seemed to be causing some crash or WLAN crash
      > problems. In build 2301 this is off so we should be able to isolate the
      > problem more carefully.
      > 17. Twenty-one XOs are now connected to a school server at 1CC, always
      > difficult to do in a very noisy RF environment. We await word on when we
      > will be able to rebuild the 100 laptop testbed in the low noise Cameron
      > Ave facility. Joe, Michael Stone, and Kim Quirk are also working on
      > ideas and plans for getting the community more involved with testing.
      > 18. Mitch Bradley is investigating LBA-NAND as a possible technology for
      > boosting XO's storage. LBA-NAND is a NAND FLASH device that is
      > pin-compatible with our current raw NAND chip, but it comes in larger
      > sizes and has an internal microcontroller that handles error correction,
      > bad-block management and wear-leveling. LBA-NAND would let us use a
      > conventional filesystem instead of a NAND-specific one. Mitch added
      > LBA-NAND support to the Open Firmware CaFe NAND driver and tested it on
      > an XO board that Quanta's Gary Chiang fitted with a 4GB LBA-NAND,
      > verifying that it works with a conventional disk filesystem. He is
      > starting work on a Linux LBA-NAND "block" driver to evaluate the overall
      > system performance.
      > The Watlington Report:
      > 19. Perú has received the first shipment of the next purchase of 100,000
      > laptops, and is preparing for the process of upgrading, distributing,
      > and activating them. Erik Garrison, with the help of SJ Klein, Scott
      > Ananian, and John Watlington, spent a few days rebuilding the library
      > content bundle for Perú to include the new and improved user's guide and
      > almost double the number of texts. This was integrated with the latest
      > 8.1.1 build (711) to produce the final image. Erik will be improving the
      > scripts and documentation of this process, as we expect countries to
      > prepare these themselves.
      > A new release, incorporating q2e13 or later firmware (needed as some of
      > Perú's shipment will be C3 mother boards) will be made after q2e13 has
      > passed QA testing. The activation server will require changes to
      > minimize the effort required by OLPC to support each shipment, as we
      > currently duplicate the inventory system maintained by Peru. Scott
      > Ananian manually performed the database update required to activate this
      > shipment.
      > Erik Garrison will spend the next week in Perú to help with any further
      > problems arising as they start the upgrading and activation. More
      > importantly, he will teach developers from the education ministry how to
      > create their own library bundles and to build images. Erik will also
      > work with a local developer to improve the software used with optical
      > scanning for inventory of the laptops and batteries. Changes are
      > required to improve the success rate of the activation process.
      > Embedded Controller:
      > 21. Richard spent most of the week back porting what he felt were the
      > most useful fixes from his master EC code branch into the release tree.
      > A nasty bug in how the EC determines the motherboard version was found
      > and fixed before causing problems in production (it only affects the
      > upcoming C3 motherboards). Richard released firmware q2e13 containing
      > those fixes. The proposed firmware for the 8.2.0 release is q2e13.
      > 22. Paul Fox worked further on the SDCC port of the EC code. Some
      > unexpected compiler bugs have been found which may explain some of the
      > current issues.
      > Progress on the New Touch pad:
      > 23. Quanta has begun the tooling change to support the migration to a
      > new, capacitive-only touch pad from the current resistive/capacitive
      > one. This migration could happen as early as the end of October, but
      > might be pushed out farther due to supply chain inertia. Quanta has sent
      > in some preliminary documentation for the new touch pad (from Synaptics)
      > and keyboard controller (EnE) for replacement of the ALPS device.
      > Richard and John reviewed the documentation and requested further info.
      > They specifically want to see information on what type of testing has
      > been done in humid environments and with children's fingers. So far,
      > Richard is quite pleased with the quality of the documentation from
      > Synaptics. OLPC will be receiving samples in Cambridge shortly for
      > testing and software integration.
      > The new EnE keyboard matrix controller appears to handle many of the
      > keyboard commands more directly, instead of relying on the EC. New EC
      > firmware will be required to accompany the new touchpad/controller,
      > although there is still some question as to the magnitude of the changes
      > required.
      > 24. AMD is building boards to test auxiliary circuitry allowing the
      > Geode LX to support higher performance DDR2 SDRAM chips. We eagerly
      > anticipate the results of their tests.
      > 25. Reuben Caron is new at OLPC and has spent the week meeting with
      > people, testing, and learning as much about the different aspects of the
      > project as possible. Reuben has setup an RT Queue to allow country
      > technical contacts and learning team members to report escalated
      > technical issues that arise from the field.
      > Support
      > 25. Adam Holt:discussed extensive RT improvements beginning soon, with
      > Adric and FSF's Josh Gay (RT14244 etc); approved bulk XO parts sales to
      > finally ship out next week to and
      > (from Brightstar/Miami); trained several new
      > volunteers, including Hironori Mitsuishi working towards establishing a
      > new Miami repair center:;began
      > extensive cleanup of the support FAQ and support gang pages, welcomed
      > Rachel Kropa, who presented a fantastic talk on her 200-XO Mozambique
      > pilot deployment:
      > recruited
      > Daniel Drake to speak to our Support Gang 4PM SUN AUG 17, discussing
      > 8.2.0 and Fedora/Ubuntu on XO.
      > 26. Sean Hooly processed refunds, submitted RMAs for shipping and
      > updated excel files accordingly; took new tickets, followed up to
      > replies to existing ones; updated xls stats file and gathered statistics
      > on donations, refunds, reships and replacements for last week with
      > Frances
      > 27. Greg Smith read all major open bugs in the 8.2.0 pre-release image
      > and triaged them to find the must fix list.
      > 28. Walter Bender's Sugar Digest can be found at:
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      > Version: 8.0.138 / Virus Database: 270.6.5/1619 - Release Date: 18/08/2008
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