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13154July and August issues now available for downloading

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  • bsquared Kuhlman
    22 jul 2015
      Because of email difficulties with our ISP, the July issue announcement failed to be sent out. Please accept our apologies. This announcement therefore provides information for the July issue, made available for downloading on June 19, and the current August issue.

      The July and August 2015 issues of RC Soaring Digest are now available for downloading from the RCSD web site
      The August issue highlights are available at

      The July issue has 46 pages and is 8.2 MB in size, the August issue has 54 pages and is 8.6 MB in size. You can download these issues directly from

      If you're using a dial-up connection and desire a smaller RCSD PDF, consider downloading the highly compressed version of these issues (3.0 and  2.7 MB, respectively) from the RCSoaringDigest Yahoo! Group Files section. The image quality is reduced, but download time is significantly less. You must be a member of the RCSoaringDigest Yahoo! Group to download these compressed PDFs.

      If you're using a broad-band connection, you may want to download the "original" high quality PDFs of these issues (21.9 and 26.4 MB) from the RC Soaring Digest web site

      All issues of RC Soaring Digest, going back to the first, published January 1984, are always available at no charge from the Archives page on the RCSD web site

      Highly compressed versions of more recent vintage (March 2005 to the current issue) are available through the RCSoaringDigest Yahoo! Group from within the Files section. As above, you must be a member of the RCSoaringDigest Yahoo! Group to download these compressed PDFs.

      Thanks for your continued readership!
      Bill & Bunny Kuhlman
      RC Soaring Digest